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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Sea of Adversaries

The deepest sea of where hollow sounds roam around,
is where lies the empty hearts that expand.
Darkness occupies the sun's rays.
Your deepest deception causes an unforgettable strife,
which breaks us.
The heavy load of death
Is what I have been carrying.
You seem resentful
as you look through my eyes.
I have never felt your gratification for my love.
I look for nothing in return.
But, I do beg you for your deliverance.
now you have become my selfish adversary.
You've suddenly become the means of my end.
I'm amenable to make pacification between us.
I still remember
your footsteps echoed like the pounding heart of a lover.
The surface of your shoe is not comforting,
yet stabbing.
Fallen onto my knees,
I can see now that all these blue skies are just the thin covers of what is black.
I'm washing you out of my head,
like the still heart that refuses to tear apart.
In my favor,
can I ask you one thing?
Do you love me?

1 comment:

  1. "Do you love me?" hit me like a stone. Good job Shula^^ the last line is very powerful.


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