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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crawling Under Light

The night knew its limitations.
The sun knew when is the end of patience.
The hourglass is running empty.
Not enough time is too plenty.
Eager to escape its fate.
The dark ignores the principals of how to morally behave.
Light strikes down,
where it takes the rightful crown.
Justice deserves to prosper,
which will get rid of the dark as its light devours.
Standing alone,
the dark begins to multiply its clones.
Seeking to go inside someone.
To destroy the faith of a loved one.
Light defends
as people cry out for its deliverance to send
How selfish the way the wicked saves.
Only to call upon all the dieing slaves.
Will you help the darkness stay?
As it taunts the light.
Thinking there is nothing to fright.
Pure hearts will not fall in collusion.
Nor will it fall into hasty divisions.

1 comment:

  1. ooohhh I love the complexity. I think darkness and light can't survive without the other. If there is no darkness, there is also no light.


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