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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dates of Mind.April

-April 8th, 2010
There were times when I really didn't care about anything or anyone. I lived the light and dark the same way. Nothing really brightened my eyes. My view points always had a bitter and sandy touch to it. My vision would always fog out when the sight of people appeared or stepped in too close. I never will get comfortable or use to people coming directly at me. There was a measured distance between anyone who approached me. I can't seem to breathe in any thing. At those moments, air seemed to be selfish, and blew away. I would always hold in and not breathe till they or I took a step back.
There always seemed to be a construction being built on the gateway of my heart. A blockade; I was. There was no one. No one. Who ever had the ability to tear down the built walls. Of all souls, I possessed a trapped heart.
-April 9th, 2010
No matter what color the sky was, it always looked the same to me. Its a color that I believe I have only seen. I cannot describe it as well as I would like to. Every language has a book which holds the limitations of what came out of one's mouth. The dictionary does not contain the words I wish to say.
I know many can see the world is beautiful, but do they understand the meanings of it all? The mysterious depths of the ocean, and the mystical vast lands provides enough food and needs for every one. If only the minds of people were born fair.
-April 11th, 2010
Many minds of the world define perfections based on one's appearance. How perfect their face looks like, how perfect their body is shaped. Was perfection meant to define only what the eye sees? The body is developed and programed with intelligence. Every instrument plays with every part of its whole. The brain contains unlimited knowledge. Your body defines a perfect maintenance. Such a well and extrodinary creation. So tell me, how does a tree live longer than I? The inheritance of sin does not bend the pan of a perfect one.

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