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Sunday, April 11, 2010


She burns apart

And you’re the reason why it took part

She lives in fire

And shes become a flat tire

Worn and trashed out

Who was thrown in front of your thrown in the night you can hear her dearly inflamed moan

Her cries are like the blazes of stars that burn the night

The darkness feels that fright

Her stolen heat beats scream out loud

When the day comes for her revenge

Don’t you dare make a sound

Because everyone escaped

No one is around

When you cry and holler

It’s like you thought no one heard her louder

It’s what you deserve

Karma doesn’t take curves

It will head straight and nothing can block its way

even the price your willing to pay

she’ll scream fire and you will melt in distress

for you will now be under fire for the causes of all your aspects

and she will rise above

she’ll find another

who doesn’t betray her love

so don’t even bother

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