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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Heart and Mind

So here I am, back to where i was

back to my bed

Captured in music, looking blankly ahead.

thinking nothing else, but one person

who broke me without knowing the reason

So here I am, sitting against a wall

wasting my time

even if i am eager to yell out and call out

I cannot

my view of the world and everything else in it

clearly lost my full trust with everything left

being depressed again and letting time go by

call me a fool

but I'm just a little girl who is in search for someone to love

even if they over lap me and are way above

while I keep falling


and finally collapse

into agony

I always find myself being unsecured

and find myself asking wheres the cure

when will the day come when i can find pity for myself?

my heart and mind have been beaten brutally

I have always become the past of others

no, I want to be the beginning and future of others

where is my soul?

shattered heart

that has been struck with sinful darts

call me weak

but someday I'll show everyone that I can stand up with my own feet

I admit that I have been afraid

that i will not be able to open up my heart and mind again

to show my true self

even if I do have a great desire

but I'm afraid my heart will soon again be in fire

I try to see the positive side on this world

every heart that beats

will soon becomes the ones that will freeze

and devour those who are in search for warmth

but then find the bitter and cold hearted ones

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