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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Inner Shadows

Through the darkest depth of the soul,

and the heart.

The emotions of myself

begin to part.

The windows of my view,

I see nothing but dark.


death do us part.

Crushed by the love

as the wind does not bark.

To the deepest colors of the world.

Even every attachment of lines connect

uneven cords.

As your hands begin to fold,

there is nothing more yet you can hold.

The tight grip from your hand has dug deep

through your palm.

You'll remember the heartfelt memories,

so you remain calm.

As your soul begins to burn.

Ash is what you will soon turn.

Right then,

as your tears begin to fall,

as the flames over tower you.

That's when you'll stay firm.

You'll realize and start to learn

that life goes on,

even if that is love that has left you weak.

Through memories,

life will still seek.

And light itself will forever be pure,

and the dark alone, can never cure.

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