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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Letting Go

I never understood the real meaning of, “When you love someone you have to let them go.” Back then I thought that was a stupid thing to do. You love them…why would you want to let go of them?? It seemed so foolish to do.

But today, today is that day when I did the most stupidest thing I thought u can ever do. I willingly let go of a person I dearly love. Those words put together to make that sentence…has so much more to offer, and to say. Its amazing how just one sentence you can break it all down.

I found the meanings of it… When you love someone…they are all you think about, all you live for, all the reason in the world that makes up your world, caring for them, spending hours thinking about how you will make them happy, dreaming to be together with them forever, risking your entire life into their hands. When you love someone…they are everything to you, and the last thing you ever want to happen to them is to get hurt continuously, knowing their pain won’t stop sooner or later. By knowing this…if they stay with you…all will they ever feel is mostly pain.

So then you give up your happiness and let them have it. You give up your life, so they can live. You give up your dreams, so they will not be empty. You summon all your thoughts off you, so they can continue to think. You let them go, for their sake, and not yours, for them to be happy.

Sometimes, you have to hurt the person you care for the most. Sometimes you purposly say things for them to go away if they refuse. Sometimes you just have to destroy your self to build them back up. Sometimes, love is not how its suppose to be. Sometimes, you have to make your self the enemy.

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