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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Light and Dark

Every mirror shatters in our reflection of destiny

The existence of smiles are replaced by the rainfall of tears

Laughter ceases to be heard and is wittering away

While outcry is surrounding your ears

Who ever thought that a single fruit can destroy humanity's destiny

Dark has become more of a comfort and solution

Light became a thing of fantasy and a thing for imagination

Sunlight shines on your face

Feel the burn?

See your shadow in the moonlight mist?

Taking glances you see others with their head down staring at their own shadow

Will you follow?

Hollow your thoughts of this world

Just let your heart free

The touch of light we can feel

Shadows of the dark we can only see

With light you are seen clearly

While darkness covers your existence

Will you erase everything?

Negative thoughts have become an interference

Do you honestly think it will do you any good?

Even in this system there is still beauty and yet the sense of happiness

Have you lost sight of its existence?

Or have you just lost sight of everything?

Your view is blurry

That is because you are covered in fury

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