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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Its a mask shes hidden far away in the corner

it will take a wide variety for you to encounter

she laughs and she smiles

as if nothing is burying her alive

like her mind isn't swarming like a hive

if she sinks will you watch and not drive?

you left her in the cold

so your conscience will soon turn to mold

and shes crying cause her heart has formed a fold

do you not wish to feel the warmth of a hold?

she hides her mask, and smiles briefly

it soon fades fast

when you walk up to her

you start to think, will this be the last?

his heart pounds and trembles

he soon feels his world will dim out

and crumble

the thoughts shoot his head

his world ends

and everyone is dead

there comes a tear that splatters on the bed

its the goodbye letter she holds out with marks of black lead

her heart folds a crease

and the two worlds become fierce

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