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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pale Blue Sky

The sky was pale blue,
and the gentle air brushed my face.
The eyes of all who surround me was filled with joy.
My heart pounded, and felt happiness glisten.
Looking at all directions,
I saw true beauty.
The comfort of others felt so warm
like a blanket softly being spread out to my shivering body.
I saw no tears,
I saw no pain,
I felt no sadness.
Thinking that happiness was a fantasy,
I can now prove myself wrong.
With the company of love,
every darkness is shielded by explosive light.
Snow hit and splattered on everyone.
It felt like an epic battle.
Who can bring out the happiness in that person the most?
Feeling safe,
I acted myself.
Feeling free,
I explored the world.
Feeling loved,
I willingly handed out my friendship.
Treasuring the moment,
I had no intentions of rushing.
Everyone shared the same hopes, faith, and belief.
Confessions were stated,
where understanding made the head nod.
Gentle arms
were widely open for a hug.
Unity devoured every individual relationship.
Every second counted.
Every word was heard.
In 4 hours and 30 minutes
the hearts of ours felt close.
A bond which will stay in the soul till the lasting breath gives out.
A happy memories, it will always be.
The creator
who watched behind that pale blue sky,
smiled down at us.
I'll hold on to those moments
and never let go of what was remembered.

1 comment:

  1. oooooohh nice ^^ so hopeful its truelly a reminder that we would have had at least one happy memory in our life. Happy memories last forever.


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