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Sunday, April 11, 2010


From the piercing light that shown

Darkness encounters all alone

Every tear surrounds you just like all cuts and burns that mark you

The words are scarred in your every living moment

When you look at those that caused you to be like this, including all you commitments

You mind flows in memories

that makes you try to cover them and eagerly find a melody

far back behind you, there’s a child in the corner drowning gasping for life

flowers are descending on your path

are you willing g to turn back and let them continue to laugh?

To the life of emotions

To erase all the dilutions

Glass crumbles on your feet

Toxic air is what you breathe

Your eyes drop acid

That sinks in your heart like plastic

And so that piercing light will continue to stab you all through the night

Can you feel her cry?

As she dies in misery and turns black in fight

And that’s when you deny everything that is bright

When the hatred has fully concurred

There will never be an existing cure

The tears of blades shatter your soul

That’s when you’ll cry out and feel the emptiness of a hallow hole

In love and death

Nothing more than there will be nothing less

Than a faithful oath

Of the forbidden love,

Of both of us

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