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Monday, April 12, 2010


There's a person on the other side of this screen. Though I can't see her eyes, I sence sorrow. Her cold hands tremble, aching to hold another. Her minds drifts off, and dreams follow up the imaginary moments. Happiness became only a fantasy, where darkness deceives comfort. Fake smiles are dim lighted every day. Funny how many are fooled with a smile, yet only a few can see the character of sorrow in the eyes. She wonders if anyone can come and save her before she loses everything that's inside her.

Will the day come when everything will fall into place? Her eyes are focused on one person. A wall that she somehow let form, blocks the view of others standing by her. Her eyes are fixed out in the distance; not noticing everyone who already love her. Can you love us for now?

Her hands reach out, and grasp from the fogged up love, and falls into a deep pit where she can't escape. Hands of help were given out through the hole where she fell. Yet, she looks down and doesn't notice the light above. Can you look at the positive things for now? 

Shes scared, I know. Her feet kick at the sand, scratching them. Marks of her journey have scarred her emotionally. Shes a girl who walked off course on an unknown desert. The heat from confusion, distracts her brilliant mind. The aching heart of her is in need of support. The frame of her eyes has grown wary. Can she help her self focus on the right path?

On the sidelines of the desert sits the many people who have ran through the desert for her. They have stepped on the same path way and share the same journey, just for her. They wait for her to notice as they walk along the sidelines. Her head faced down, crying, thinking love is no where to be found. The eyes of others frown, seeing how her heart is patched with sand; clogging her up. Though, she has the power to cleanse her heart.Why can't she open her heart?

Open your heart,
Loved One.
He will come, at the right time.


  1. ooooohhhh every single word spoke to me. Do I too have tunnel vision? Is that why the people around me are not enough to satify me?

  2. @Lovesick Fool: Its all you buddy!I can't answer the questions for you. I guess, you have to find the answers for yourself.

  3. lol thanks Shula ^^
    No one ever written about me before...
    Its really different when you read about yourself in a story. Thank you.

  4. ^^ np lucy -hugs- but i do hope i didnt say anything wrong on tht.

  5. no thank you Shula ^^
    Nothing you said was wrong but instead you've helped me to think more clearly. Thanks for the reminder.


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