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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wrapped Around

In my darkness and in my death

I’ll make sure you don’t fall in fret

From tears and despair

Don’t make things make u scared
Stay in my heart
I’ll protect you from everything that doesn’t spark

That may your tears fall on me

I’ll take them in and wipe them away for you
Everyone that doesn’t adore you

I’ll protect you and wrapped my arms around

For you are my beloved

I won’t force nor shove, my love

My life was filled in delusional dreams

That only brought me to my darkest days that made me scream

A thrown away child crying black tears

Everything went dark and the ocean waves of dreams were my fears

Pure white mist to me was the shaded blood of my ground where I stand

Nowhere did I feel safe

But it was you that made me land

The dreams of what I was so afraid of never having

That one person would come in my aid

And never cause me to fade

For you now feel pain

I will do everything to repay

You became the every lasting reasons of the air I take in

That may I let the sun cover those black clouds

And let the day bring in the colors of the rainbow that will yell loud
That you are my brightest star and I’m not alone

Every lovely emotion I will now show

Please don’t break me and bring back the pain

And I know you cry

I’m here, my arms are wrapped around you

I’ll cradle you gently and slowly will I dry your wet face

Mark my words from this day that I cover you

My heart and life will forever wrap around you

Just as your love you have shown me

Just leave me be

Don’t worry love, it doesn’t hurt, your hands that wipe my face

Over powers everything that they brought

And in my last breath, I’ll make sure your last tear I see will sink in my heart

I'll take it in

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