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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spider Webs

Turn it inside out so I can see.
The tears from you crawling all over me.
When I open my eyes,
your falling through.
When the dark covers my sight,
its an illusion of constant images of you.
Speak to me,
and tell me how you are.
Tell me how you managed to enter inside so far.
From side to side nothing seems to diminish.
Like the haunting of one's pasts never seems to come to a finish.
Spider webs are formed from above the ceiling.
The similar patterns that decorate this feeling.
Straight forward and down below,
I know.
That your always there inside my head.
A maze that has no boundaries or tears that need to be shed.
Everything I believe in enters the tunnel that passes through you.
From there I know that I'm not alone.
The gasps of breath that makes you real.
Its hard to live when you can't feel.
Now we're falling together in the Arctic sea.
Trying to sleep away the frosted memories that's locked up by the shattered key.
When I catch a breath,
its then I understand.
The reality within my world,
its now that it began.
The tangled webs that create an unbreakable thread.
Was said that it can weave the words of the mouth belonging to those who fall in dread.

Orb's Prayer

A silent orb falls through the horizon,
like a shadow trying to accumulate light.
An unexpected gust of wind shoots its back,
creating a disorder within the formation.
A stirring sensation accumulating in the stomach.
What is found in the inner side;
an unpredictable emotion.

Examine my kidney.
Dig through the soul of my existence.
Judge me with your eyes, adjust me with your hands.
Correct what was seen.
Hold me back from this exhausting path thats left unclean.
The sandy texture of the wind foretells a rash event.
Train me so I can be ready.
Be my shield and be my lives.
Calm the wild horses in my heart.
Hold my head high, so that I may smile.
That speck of light.
The one standing out in the night sky.

[...I can hear them calling...]

A burst of the wind tugs the orb back and forth,
like a confused heart ready to break open.
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