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Monday, October 25, 2010


If love is your profession, then why do you hate?

Are you really the person you view yourself as?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Discernment Test

So, you think you can read in between the words?
Show me.
This is a level B test. 

The ceiling  dripped blood. The walls scattered with parts. 
"It's him again." 
"Might be so," Kain murmured. 

I walked past the bars. I could hear the roars of pain in this room that was left behind. It always keeps me wondering who were the people that had disappeared from here? I let my finger tips glide through the brick wall. 

"I could hear them." I whispered. 

My eyes shook, and my hears trembled. The faint image formed in my mind. It lasted only a few minutes before the scene faded. The rays of light that crept through the holes disturbed my vision.

"There was a little boy here. He was scared, lonely, and confused. He knew nothing, but hunger."

Kain spat on the floor and commanded we should go. Our steps echoed in the hollow room. It was only the voices of the distant taps of our feet that accompanied the loneliness here. It only took 10 seconds before it disappeared when we walked out.  

The wind was hot, and the clouds were dull. Everything seemed the same as ever; like it always has been. Just one less home, that's all.

With his head tilted up the dry air, Kain asked, "So, Ken what do you plan on doing now?"
"Nothing really."
Giving out a smirk he laughed at me.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Nothing really," he said. 

He annoys me.

Kicking the dust below my feet, I thought to myself, would it make a difference if one less human died?
Kain tilted his head towards me with the sun flashing on his sunglasses, he said with a devilish smile, "Of course it wouldn't!" 

"Get off me." 

What happened to the little boy?
Why did the house disappear?

What ability does Ken have?
What ability does Kain have?

What kind of world does Kain and Ken live in?
Looking from the world we are in, what do you find odd about Ken and Kain's world? 
Whats your point of view in this story?

( It's not neccessarly just reading the story, 
it's about thinking beyond the possibilities of what the story teller is trying to express. )


Once upon a time. A mouse lived in a hole in the wall, and the house was owned by a doggie. But the doggie was mean and  didn't like to share food. A girl also lived at this house, and she was nice. One day the girl received a letter at the door, and it was from the cow man. The letter had tickets for a free swimming pool. So the girl put on her swim suit and took her dog and went swimming. 

While the girl and her dog were outside, swimming the mouse ran into the fridge. He climbed up to the top of the fridge and grabbed some cheese, and dragged it back to his hole in the wall, but the cheese didn't fit. The mouse kept on pushing the cheese in, but it was just too fat. 

The mouse then decided to cut the cheese into smaller pieces. So the mouse ran as fast as he could back to the kitchen to grab the plastic knife and ran back to cut the cheese. The mouse started cutting the cheese, and decided to eat some. The cheese tasted so scrumdilidecious! Before the mouse realized, it had eaten all the cheese. The mouse's belly was like a ballon!

The girl came back in for a glass of lemonade. As she walked towards the fridge, she noticed little crumbs of cheese. And she ate some off the floor! She followed the crumbs to where the mouse lived. When she found the hole in the wall, she peeked inside and saw a big belly. The dog came inside and saw somebody had eaten his cheese. The doggie got so mad that he ran all over the kitchen trying to look for it, and bumped the cabinets over. The girl saw what had happened and went out to buy more cheese. When the house heard that the girl was ganna buy more cheese, he peeked out through his hole and followed after the girl to go to the cheese store. 

On the way out the door the doggie smelled the scent of his cheese, and went to look at  the mouse hole. The doggie found nothing inside. By the time the doggie finished searching the girl and the mouse had reached the cheese factory. The mouse was hiding in the girl's purse, and when the mouse peeked out his eyes eyes widened with amazement. There were cheese waterfalls and cheese grass. the mouse jumped out of the girls purse and ran towards the cheese and started leeping happily around the cheese.

The girl went up to the counter and asked for some cheese and the lady gave her 600 pounds of cheese for $1. The girl was amazed at the size of the cheese. When she tried to carry it, the cheese squished her. The lady behind the counter then helped lifted the cheese off the girl, and told her that there is a free car she can borrow to drive home the cheese. So the girl rolled the cheese into the car and started the car and headed home. The mouse who was still at the factory finds a house and more mouses lived there. So then the mouse lived happy with the other mouses and eating cheese as much as he pleased!

Written By: John and Shula <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Said It

Vines of fear are wrapping my body. Every time she calls my name my mind rattles and begins to exaggerate. 
Did she find out? 
The ring of the phone feels like a ghost creeping up behind me that's constantly screaming through my ears.
Does she know?
Did she tell on me? No...She's alright.

Today is the mark of change. I've scarred the time, and there's no turning back. The words have left my mouth and entered her ear. She'll remember every word I said. She knows everything now. The time has elapsed, and the power to turn back time doesn't belong to me. Erasers can only erase the words written on paper. She knows the main piece that I've been hiding, the most important one. 
What do I do?
Please don't...don't tell anyone.

Maybe I made the wrong choice. But I have nothing to lose, nothing to give, except them maybe.

You can tell me what to do. What I should do, how should I do it. I'm trying to believe you, and you tell me it's easily said than done. 

I've never had the ability to cry and talk in front of someone. My throat burns dry. My voice squeaks silent, and my heart gets trampled. What did you do to me to give me this courage that I never could gain?
Maybe respect plays a part in it. Maybe because I felt that I had to. Maybe because I was trained to. Maybe because I was just scared to. 
I usually don't know what to do, or what to say. But I just met you. Why couldn't I say anything to anyone I known my entire life? What is it about you that opened my mouth? That opened my heart. 

It takes more to break me down. Maybe my spirit has become weak. It's my fault, I let my guard down. I should have been careful. 

I'm running out of things to say. I'm writing to clear my head. If there's something in my mind right now, its the thought of living life alone. But then again, the saying, " You can't go through life alone." still exists. 

I don't like thinking this way. I rather think about candy or toys, or playing mmorpgs.


So tell me,
Who can sleep with a broken heart?
Who can show me the deepest of the dark to make the memory appear blank through my close eyes?
The soft fur that you've once touched, sends vacant spaces between my finger tips.

Dear to who ever is reading this, tell me how to sleep away the pain. Tell me how to ignore the imprinted letters.

I'm trying to ease out the voice in my head with this melody in mind. I'm typing in the dark, with my eyes closed shut. I can hear the rain drops tap on the roof. I wish someone, something would cry for me. Because I feel too hollow to shed anything. I'm biting my blanket, trying not to say anything I'll regret later on.

Would life be perfect if one had the ability to fast forward the hard times and pause the good times? I'm bored to death, and my heat aches. The way I'm breathing suffocates me.

I'm hoping you never read this. I'm hoping you'll never see this. I'm wishing you'll never hear this. Because these words are the results of this night. So fragile, so sensitive. Tell me how to stop this.

I remember that tree out my window. That's one of our promised places. The tears begin to fall, but carry nothing. Just that possibility of it ever happening just tears me.

I don't know why I'm writing. Maybe its just my selfish way of dealing with things. Cursing at myself doesn't help. Cursing at the world just makes me seem unreasonable.  I'm thinking of deleting this. But I wont since I feel like a .....

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So in English class we were assigned to do this project. ( of course duuh more work ) DX
Annnyways! We have to create a presentation about the story of our life. We have to include two events for every age. From the moment you were born, and the age you are now. 
I was pretty excited at first. But then when she said, "Talk about your childhood." 
Poop...that's ganna be a problem.
Memories, mostly bad ones << started flooding my head.

It was only till today when I was washing my face that I realized. What the heck am I thinking? What's wrong with me? Have I forgotten?

You know those times when you feel really stupid, and life just smacked you in the face? Well that's what happened to me just a few hours ago. ( I woke up late )
I felt pretty lame and stupid because I forgot all the good things that ever happened to me. It made me recall the saying that I realized a long time ago, "Good memories exist to make up the bad ones."

I remembered the time when I was like 4 or 3 or something. I was planning to run away because no one gave me candy. Yeah, I was spoiled I admit. I wanted what I want when I wanted it when I was young. ( and I still am )

So anyways, I got my yellow small chair, an apple and grabbed my dog and sat on his back and told him to be my horsey. I only got to the gate when my aunt caught me and asked where I was going. Of course I told her I was running away because she wouldn't give me my candy.

Theres alot more stories I can write right now, but I think I should do my homework and take a shower. BYEBYE!


Why, oh who, searches for miracles?

Many things are true, but cast aside as though they were fake.
Many things are made, but for what real purpose?
Many smiles, and tears seen from here to there.
Many children running everywhere.

New lives come about every day.
A new cry from  babies that just began their journey.
So many things are ignored.
So many things that are pure.
So many wishing wells drowned with hope.
Why, oh who searches for miracles?
Why not look around you?

Soaking in the rain that falls from the visible sky.
The slap of the wind that carries the heavy load of washed memories.
Every shot of light, and every pierce of the dark. 
Or the moon that guards you at night.
Possessing the dreamed power of flying by everyone standing on the ground, gaping at the birds.

Standing by your two feet, you have control over your life.

Being able to speak with loving-kindness.
Seeing eye to eye with whom you love.
Hearing the voices of those around you.
Touching the near by things with curiosity.
Calling out for the one ahead of you.
Sitting side by side under the shadows of the trees.
The warm hug of the ones you love.
The cute smiles of your siblings. 
Wishing the impossible.
Believing what was told, what was spoke of, and what was seen.
Closing your eyes from the drift of the melody at night.
Recalling the memories of the past.

To me every pixel, cell, molecule is a miracle.

The cold that makes you squeeze in your mother's arms.
The hot days that fill the rims of your mouth with ice cream.
The pound of the heart that melts your body.
The pain that you feel when you say goodbye.

Selected Assignment

What if there was a purpose of why you were born? The very first breath of life you took marked the start of your training. 
Many people seek their purpose through out their lives. 
What if you knew your purpose from the day you were born?
What would,
I do?
What if you knew you were being watched carefully through every moment and aspect of every action that you took? 
What if that responsibility bestowed upon you had the ability to have a major impact on people's lives?
What if I told myself, I can't do it. 
What if my decision is the cost of many people's hearts.
What if I knew 6 billion hearts are permanently about to stop?
What if I had no courage or endurance?
What if I was just a kid?
What if I can't handle the responsibility?
What would you do if you knew the truth? 
What if you can't say it?
Why am I qualified?
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