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Sunday, October 17, 2010


So in English class we were assigned to do this project. ( of course duuh more work ) DX
Annnyways! We have to create a presentation about the story of our life. We have to include two events for every age. From the moment you were born, and the age you are now. 
I was pretty excited at first. But then when she said, "Talk about your childhood." 
Poop...that's ganna be a problem.
Memories, mostly bad ones << started flooding my head.

It was only till today when I was washing my face that I realized. What the heck am I thinking? What's wrong with me? Have I forgotten?

You know those times when you feel really stupid, and life just smacked you in the face? Well that's what happened to me just a few hours ago. ( I woke up late )
I felt pretty lame and stupid because I forgot all the good things that ever happened to me. It made me recall the saying that I realized a long time ago, "Good memories exist to make up the bad ones."

I remembered the time when I was like 4 or 3 or something. I was planning to run away because no one gave me candy. Yeah, I was spoiled I admit. I wanted what I want when I wanted it when I was young. ( and I still am )

So anyways, I got my yellow small chair, an apple and grabbed my dog and sat on his back and told him to be my horsey. I only got to the gate when my aunt caught me and asked where I was going. Of course I told her I was running away because she wouldn't give me my candy.

Theres alot more stories I can write right now, but I think I should do my homework and take a shower. BYEBYE!

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