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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Discernment Test

So, you think you can read in between the words?
Show me.
This is a level B test. 

The ceiling  dripped blood. The walls scattered with parts. 
"It's him again." 
"Might be so," Kain murmured. 

I walked past the bars. I could hear the roars of pain in this room that was left behind. It always keeps me wondering who were the people that had disappeared from here? I let my finger tips glide through the brick wall. 

"I could hear them." I whispered. 

My eyes shook, and my hears trembled. The faint image formed in my mind. It lasted only a few minutes before the scene faded. The rays of light that crept through the holes disturbed my vision.

"There was a little boy here. He was scared, lonely, and confused. He knew nothing, but hunger."

Kain spat on the floor and commanded we should go. Our steps echoed in the hollow room. It was only the voices of the distant taps of our feet that accompanied the loneliness here. It only took 10 seconds before it disappeared when we walked out.  

The wind was hot, and the clouds were dull. Everything seemed the same as ever; like it always has been. Just one less home, that's all.

With his head tilted up the dry air, Kain asked, "So, Ken what do you plan on doing now?"
"Nothing really."
Giving out a smirk he laughed at me.
"Why are you laughing?"
"Nothing really," he said. 

He annoys me.

Kicking the dust below my feet, I thought to myself, would it make a difference if one less human died?
Kain tilted his head towards me with the sun flashing on his sunglasses, he said with a devilish smile, "Of course it wouldn't!" 

"Get off me." 

What happened to the little boy?
Why did the house disappear?

What ability does Ken have?
What ability does Kain have?

What kind of world does Kain and Ken live in?
Looking from the world we are in, what do you find odd about Ken and Kain's world? 
Whats your point of view in this story?

( It's not neccessarly just reading the story, 
it's about thinking beyond the possibilities of what the story teller is trying to express. )

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