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Monday, October 18, 2010


So tell me,
Who can sleep with a broken heart?
Who can show me the deepest of the dark to make the memory appear blank through my close eyes?
The soft fur that you've once touched, sends vacant spaces between my finger tips.

Dear to who ever is reading this, tell me how to sleep away the pain. Tell me how to ignore the imprinted letters.

I'm trying to ease out the voice in my head with this melody in mind. I'm typing in the dark, with my eyes closed shut. I can hear the rain drops tap on the roof. I wish someone, something would cry for me. Because I feel too hollow to shed anything. I'm biting my blanket, trying not to say anything I'll regret later on.

Would life be perfect if one had the ability to fast forward the hard times and pause the good times? I'm bored to death, and my heat aches. The way I'm breathing suffocates me.

I'm hoping you never read this. I'm hoping you'll never see this. I'm wishing you'll never hear this. Because these words are the results of this night. So fragile, so sensitive. Tell me how to stop this.

I remember that tree out my window. That's one of our promised places. The tears begin to fall, but carry nothing. Just that possibility of it ever happening just tears me.

I don't know why I'm writing. Maybe its just my selfish way of dealing with things. Cursing at myself doesn't help. Cursing at the world just makes me seem unreasonable.  I'm thinking of deleting this. But I wont since I feel like a .....

1 comment:

  1. You can sleep with a broken heart.
    But only once you become exhausted from all the crying and pain that you fall asleep.

    And aren't you writing as a form of expression? Its better than bottling it inside.

    I wish I could tell you how to get rid of the pain. But I don't think anyone knows how. You just live with it. You get on with your life as best as possible and slowly it won't hurt as much.

    That's all I know. <3


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