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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Once upon a time. A mouse lived in a hole in the wall, and the house was owned by a doggie. But the doggie was mean and  didn't like to share food. A girl also lived at this house, and she was nice. One day the girl received a letter at the door, and it was from the cow man. The letter had tickets for a free swimming pool. So the girl put on her swim suit and took her dog and went swimming. 

While the girl and her dog were outside, swimming the mouse ran into the fridge. He climbed up to the top of the fridge and grabbed some cheese, and dragged it back to his hole in the wall, but the cheese didn't fit. The mouse kept on pushing the cheese in, but it was just too fat. 

The mouse then decided to cut the cheese into smaller pieces. So the mouse ran as fast as he could back to the kitchen to grab the plastic knife and ran back to cut the cheese. The mouse started cutting the cheese, and decided to eat some. The cheese tasted so scrumdilidecious! Before the mouse realized, it had eaten all the cheese. The mouse's belly was like a ballon!

The girl came back in for a glass of lemonade. As she walked towards the fridge, she noticed little crumbs of cheese. And she ate some off the floor! She followed the crumbs to where the mouse lived. When she found the hole in the wall, she peeked inside and saw a big belly. The dog came inside and saw somebody had eaten his cheese. The doggie got so mad that he ran all over the kitchen trying to look for it, and bumped the cabinets over. The girl saw what had happened and went out to buy more cheese. When the house heard that the girl was ganna buy more cheese, he peeked out through his hole and followed after the girl to go to the cheese store. 

On the way out the door the doggie smelled the scent of his cheese, and went to look at  the mouse hole. The doggie found nothing inside. By the time the doggie finished searching the girl and the mouse had reached the cheese factory. The mouse was hiding in the girl's purse, and when the mouse peeked out his eyes eyes widened with amazement. There were cheese waterfalls and cheese grass. the mouse jumped out of the girls purse and ran towards the cheese and started leeping happily around the cheese.

The girl went up to the counter and asked for some cheese and the lady gave her 600 pounds of cheese for $1. The girl was amazed at the size of the cheese. When she tried to carry it, the cheese squished her. The lady behind the counter then helped lifted the cheese off the girl, and told her that there is a free car she can borrow to drive home the cheese. So the girl rolled the cheese into the car and started the car and headed home. The mouse who was still at the factory finds a house and more mouses lived there. So then the mouse lived happy with the other mouses and eating cheese as much as he pleased!

Written By: John and Shula <3


  1. What an odd story. But I really liked it because it had a happy ending. =)

  2. Hiii. It must be random of me to start following you but I found your blog posts really interesting.

    Especially this one, I almost expected the dog to eat the mouse. But damn, that mouse was a genius.


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