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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Selected Assignment

What if there was a purpose of why you were born? The very first breath of life you took marked the start of your training. 
Many people seek their purpose through out their lives. 
What if you knew your purpose from the day you were born?
What would,
I do?
What if you knew you were being watched carefully through every moment and aspect of every action that you took? 
What if that responsibility bestowed upon you had the ability to have a major impact on people's lives?
What if I told myself, I can't do it. 
What if my decision is the cost of many people's hearts.
What if I knew 6 billion hearts are permanently about to stop?
What if I had no courage or endurance?
What if I was just a kid?
What if I can't handle the responsibility?
What would you do if you knew the truth? 
What if you can't say it?
Why am I qualified?

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