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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Your hands
attempting to capture the tiny specks
of soft tremulous light in the air.

Disregarding the whole schemear.
Deprived from all the power
that tremors this anxiety. 

Retreating from your own shadow.
Cemented on to you
like the force of the ashes
that's tearing up your existence.

Pushed down by a rusted lever.
Haggardly crawling from the underworld.
The shades of malevolence
lingers on the front page of your heart. 

Avariciously: Having or showing an extreme greed for wealth
Tremulous: shaking or quivering slightly
The whole schmear: every aspect of the situation
Deprived: suffering a severe and damaging
Tremors: an involuntary quivering movement
Haggardly: looking exhausted and unwell
Malevolent: having or showing a wish to do evil to others


  1. lol nice vocabulary. I love how you put like the definitions XD
    i couldn't have understood if you didn't put that! i think you might win in vocabulary some day!

  2. yeah I sort of figured people wouldn't know what I'm talking about if I didn't.


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