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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Every sight of you looses my mind.
It travels far across the range.
Calling back memories that I've locked away.
Torn apart by the loss you've committed.
Stumped down with an ax at my neck.
Driven by the dream that haunts me every night.
My lungs have drowned itself.

Turning the pages everyday,
just to find my place.
At the far end of the string,
I still wait for a reply.
My heart has cut it's way through my vessels. 

The taste of your lips is still pressed against mine.
Your eyes still hover my sky.
My hands only reach the air that you abandoned.

The void in my heart
has emptied out all of my emotions;
that's only filled with memories of you.
My bare soul has dried itself clean.
The only place left
is the dream
that forces itself towards your face.
I try to wipe the pain away from me.
But it's still you I see.  


  1. I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you so much Shula for writing it for me! :) I flipping love you! haha :) <3

  2. youuu iiish welcome buddy -hugs- x3


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