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Friday, November 26, 2010

Did you smile today?

Have you ever just laid down in bed, and rest you mind on your soft pillow; position your body to where it's comfortable, and letting your drained energy cause you to slowly close your eyes? Then all of a sudden, your mind turns into a worm hole entering the past. You recall those moments and find your self giggling quietly. A smile forms, and you realize the sudden change in your mood.

Your happy.

There's special moments in our lives that will always, and forever, bring a smile to our faces. It's those marked monumental moments in time where our soul is connected with. Those distant memories reveal the way you view happiness, and your ability to smile. Memories are like feathers that meander in the wind. When the feather lands, it sends ripples of memories, and the rising happiness enters through the gaps of your closed door.

For some people, it takes almost all the forces in the world to form even the tinniest hint of a smile on their face. Sometimes, it may even seem impossible. With the devastating pressures everyone faces, one of the results of letting it ram you to the ground, is amnesia. Our feelings and outlook get so hypnotized by all the terrible things, that we forget we ever felt happiness.

A friend told me, "I love the happy Shulammite!"
That simple sentence, struck me in the heart. Those words are, and will forever will be, carved in my heart. It let me know that, my life, is other people's lives too. I don't just exist for myself, but for others as well. I use to believe that life is the most horrible gift there is, because at that time, all I ever felt was torture.  But you know what? If someone says they love you, you have one of the greatest life out there.

So tell me, did you smile today? =)

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome Shula! and i LOVE the picture haha :)
    oh and last night i had a dream that i looked into his eyes and died for in his place...whats that supposed to mean???


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