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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do You?

Do you ever just want to lie down
and listen to music
to encourage your thoughts to wonder through the unreachable
space of dreams?
Do you ever just want to close your eyes,
and drift fast asleep, 
but end up staying up all night
with your mind crowded with thoughts,
a distant love...?
Do you find your selfish smiling randomly whenever you recall that one special memory?
Do you ever find yourself wishing, hoping, wanting...
something you can never have?
Do you see yourself with a smile tomorrow? 
A smile that may have started to wither,
grow old,
and died.
Do you believe in dreams that originates from the heart?
Do you believe in love that never fails?
Do you see life the way it was meant to be?
Can you feel the weak hands that has been reaching out to you? 
Wrapped in vines, 
strapped down in dirt, 
punished by the earth.


  1. Yes I do.
    "Do you see life the way it was meant to be?"
    I think with that, how life is meant to be depends on the person.


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