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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Drinking Vessels

A room filled with an array of collected glass.
An angered heart smothered with dreadful anguish.
Shattered pieces collides on the floor,
 smashed by words that rot the core. 

I can't pick up the pieces when I can't give the reasons.
When all my mistakes have caused treason.

Broken beyond repair,
and struck with a blow that stabs through the center links. 
Hold your breathe, and force your strength to your chest,
to distract that pain that I've caused in your every blink.

Fractured my whole life to the ground.
Fast pacing images that confuse my head.
A trapped tune that surrounds the air with sound.

Beauty in different ways
with your body replaced with moss.
I've found my self freezing in the sea of loss.
The decayed surface on your body;
Never hid away your beauty, and modesty.


  1. => Thank you Barry for giving me your opinion. I really appreciate it! =D and My First Painting was a project from school. I had to look at a photo and make it my own. I used Franz Marc art. He draws animals, so I drew nature.

  2. I found myself saying, "Wow," right after I read it. I think it's beautiful in this intense and dark way. It has so many feeling in it, it's just beautiful :) Thanks for sharing you awesome talent!


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