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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Evil Banana

Once upon a time there was a monkey who wanted a banana. He stood by a palm tree looking up at the banana. He tried to jump as high as possible, but he was simply too short. He asked his mother, but she was too busy pooping. Then the monkey traveled far far away to a magical land. There, he found an elephant and asked if she can get the banana for him. 
The elephant said, " Sorry Monkey, but my eye is too big. My eye would bump the trunk of the tree!" 

So the monkey walked away with his fingers scratching his eyes. Since he was too busy scratching his eye balls, he accidentally bumped a dude. The dude, ended up being the prince of the magical land. 
"Sorry your majesty! I was too busy thinking about my banana."
"It's okay little monkey. I can climb the tree to get your banana for you if you want," said the Prince. 
So then, the Prince and the monkey ran to the palm tree. The prince tried climbing the tree, but his high heels were in the way, so he ended up falling. His butt slammed the monkey's face. As an apology the Prince took the monkey to his mother, the Queen.

The monkey asked the Queen, "Hey fat lady, can you get my banana?"
The Queen said, "I'm not fat! Your fat! And no, I will not get your banana! Your a mean little monkey!"
The monkey's temper started to burst, so he threw a coconut at the Queen's face. The Queen screamed like a little girl with her tongue being all wiggly. She so was so startled that she fell off her chair and rolled down the stairs with her tummy giggling all over the place. 

The monkey ran away from the castle, and he ended up back home to where the banana was. He sat by the tree, with his back press against the bark. After a while, he saw a giraffe walking towards him. He stood up, and asked the giraffe, " Can you get that banana for me?"
"Sorry monkey, my lips are too wide. I may end up eating the banana."

The monkey started to feel sad, so he ran back home crying. His dad saw him crying and asked who made him cry. The monkey told his father that no one would help him get the banana that he wanted. So, the monkey's dad got a chain saw and attacked the tree. The tree fell down, but the banana ended up flying 23,437 feet away. 
Bye, bye went the banana.

My Weird Sister

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