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Friday, November 12, 2010


softly touch the smooth surface of the keys.
slightly forward and hips curved.
A rhythm spills through my body.
Filling the dark, quiet room with a delicate melody.

Eyes close, and lips cold.
The only thing alive now is the pumps of our hearts,
giving off a burst of contagious fire in mind.
The melody of uselessness.

Our translucent shadows glides through the walls,
giving off a scent of your silent presence.
The thin blanket that covers your weak body.
Fills me with shame.
I can't erase your pain.

Her head softly placed on the bed.
With her hair cascading downwards.
Sticky, like tape on her neck.

The painful sound of her breath,
makes me want to replace my soul in hers.
For her eyes to close without tears,
then maybe she can sleep peacefully.

My cold hands drenched in her distress.
Her burning body.
The sound of her agony.
Kills me.

The fading of the melody holds down my hands.
Inviting me to sway my hands in hypnotizing passion.
The bitterness that freezes the very ends of my hair,
only wishes to sanctify the sickness that cursed you.

This melody that lit my heart,
can feed you a taste of peace.
If only I can infuse your misery into my body.

Forgive me my beloved,
for my fingers are shivering in fear
that I may make a mistake
that will bring you tears.


  1. -waves hand- Myca! and A paino *-*

  2. This is gorgeous. If the rest of your writing is anything like this, I'm hooked.


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