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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Circle

The scattered feet that sinks beneath the ground,
felt the voices of the elusive sounds.
A cry of whisper grabbed hold of the ankles
dragging them forth
in the hollow dim circle.
Forced pain,
taught how to pay.
Crawling minds,
made the bloody rims shine.
Nothing but hate,
made the circle rotate.
Eaten limbs
called the holler of sin.
A perfect sacrifice would only make things right.
Searching for love
is the battle we have to fight.
Call my name and you will be saved
from this world that's filled with hate.
Bloody hands,
mark my word,
I will not tolerate.


  1. Wow. thats real deep rhyming there.. it sounds really gory for your delicateness! Its cute how you are super squeamish of blood in real life, but can explain pain very so vivid. thumbs up!


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