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Monday, November 22, 2010

Lash of Love

The lash of love has rained down 
and soaked her thoroughly. 
The pinch of hail has caused her to disintegrate.

Every sight of love
could free her,
but made her believe that no one
is one.

The touch of an angel,
and  the surface of a coarse wood
is all the difference that prevents him see what is good.
His delusional eyes mislead him towards his downfall. 

A careless whispers convulses through her crooked soul. 
Despite the lies that he's expressing,
his life is her's for the taking.


  1. This is awesome Shula! Very deep and I can tell it's from your heart. :) Who's it about though?

  2. @Alaska_Chick

    ^^ Well, yeah it came from my heart. But I'm not practically sure who is it about. I saw an imagine in my mind about a guy whispering "I love you," to a girl. But the truth was, he didn't really love her. So I just used that to inspire me to write this.


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