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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meanings behind my Self Portrait

Shulammite Sison
(click) This art piece  represents my inner eyes that is hidden deep into the shades of my outer shell. 
The abstract that I drew represents the way my life shapes, 
as the waves of the oceans. 
The mask resembles my fogged outlook on life. 
I fog away the personality that forms my true self away from most people. 
I'm a different person from the inside. 
The dots are like the mist of the invisible air that keeps me alive. 
I was trying to bring out the life of the world; 
to tell you that I appreciate the life I have, and I've come to accept it. 
Red reminds me of blood. 
The blood that runs through my veins is what keeps me from disappearing from this world. 
I want to scar a mark in people's hearts, hoping I made some form of happiness in them. 
Flowers, always makes me smile. 
It reminds me that even in this scary world, there is still beauty all around us.
Vines, to me are like hands that reach for other's, and connect each other. 
The vines resemble the people who have reached out to me. 
I choose pointillism to show the many people that came across my life. 
Even the smallest things influence my life. 
The shortest encounters from person to person helped me create the person that I am today. 
I've always been insecure of the way I look like. 
I'm a person with very low self confidence. 
The waves in this self portrait is a sample of my appearance.  
By drawing this,  
I've gained the confidence to show the world who I am, and what I look like. 
I'm proud to be who I am, 
because no one can be exactly like me.
No one will ever be.
I'm the only Shulammite that will ever exists.
Other people, 
can only be similar, or can only relate. 


  1. "I want to scar a mark in people's hearts, hoping I made some form of happiness in them".

    I love this line. Remember my dear that the best way to truly do this is to reveal yourself, both inside and out, to others. It can be a scary thought, and it doesn't happen overnight. But it's something I feel is so worth striving for.

    Love the way you express yourself here.

  2. Oh Shula. That is so true. There will only ever be one of you. No one can replace you. We all make our own special mark in the world. And you already left a mark in my heart.

    You are a beautiful girl. Have faith in that.


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