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Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Pet Peeves

  • When Someone turns on the lights when I'm sleepings.
  • People who ask me what's wrong when they could care less about the problem.
  • Pretty people who think they're ugly.
  • Someone asks me what I'm doing when they can clearly see what I'm doing. 
  • When my parents or teachers think I'm playing games when I'm actually working.
  • People makings a big deal with situations that can be easily solved. 
  • I HATE it when people who have a good life say, " I hate my life, fml, or my mother sucks at life."
  • My number one pet peeves is when people copy me.
  • People who steal my ideas, or part of my personality.
  • Friends who can't keep a secret.
  • Being too proud.
  • Judging on what another person did when they do worse.
  • Always complaining about how life sucks.
  • People who want to kill them selves.
  • Being dramatically obsessive.
  • A person who only talks about their bf/gf/ex.
  • Trying hard to be the person your not just to fit in. Being yourself is better.
  • Just saying "over there" or pointing when you ask for directions. 
  • Telling someone you like something, or sharing a special event that happened to you, and the other person argues about how suckish it is.
  • Players that bash about how they have another high level character and call you a noob.
  • Racist.
  • Showing off your talents.
  • Saying I love you when you don't know what love is.
  • Trying hard to be "cool."
  • Giving yourself a title.
  • Rap music.
  • Acting all gangster.
  • Hearing a cuss word from every single sentence you say.
  • People who think I'm dumb just because I know nothing about ...
  • Thinking lowly towards other people.
  • My mom on her monthly.
  • Showing no love or respect.
  • Thinking evil is "cool."
  • My dad who snores like an elephant. 
  • Those who are too blind to notice a lot of people care about them, and they think they're the most loneliest people in the world.
  • Hypocrites. 


  1. This is interesting. If I can make a request, next I'd like to see you write a list of things you love...

  2. okay ^^ sounds fun, I will. thank youuu

  3. Am I one of your pet peeves??? :/ haha
    Seriously just like described what some people think of me.


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