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Monday, November 22, 2010

My Tree of Life

by Shulammite Sison
This is a my first ever self portrait. There is no facial drawings in this picture, but more of a elusive scene of myself. This was a school project based on your self. We had to look around the world, and see the things in the world that can resemble the story of our life. I picked, the structure of the rocks. The tight hold of vines, the beauty of flowers, and the endless sea. The wind that drifts forever, and the eternal trees in the world.
I lost the document that explains why I picked each one. But from memory I'll try to remember what I wrote.
I used the structure of the rock to set an example of how determined I want to be towards me goals. To stand my ground no matter what happens, and what strikes back at me.
Beneath the deepest depth of the ocean lies all the tears, and sorrow that everyone has in their lives. But in the middle of the ocean, there is an abundance of life. Above the ocean is the brilliant light that shines on everyone, lighting up even the darkest parts of yourself. I pictures sail boats as my friends, who sailed my ocean through out my life.
To me, vines are like hands that hold on to every link that ever crossed you. The vines represent the faithful bonds that are linked to the people who are important to you.
It amazes me that a tree can live longer than I do. With all the amazing abilities my body does, a tree out numbers my life spam. Have your ever thought about how ironic that is?
The breathe of life is what keeps everything alive and standing. Air is the perfect example of believing in things that you can't see. Air is invisible, but you know it's there.

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  1. This says so, SO much about you. Many juxtapositions here. I love the purity of this, the strength of the rock yet the frailty in the branches. There's an innocence in your explanation but also mature introspection. I like the way you see life, your life. And yourself.

    How wonderful it is that you can make an adult stop and look at life through different eyes.


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