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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


There's always that one person. Aside from everyone else, that one person hits the spot light. My eyes sort of gets into this fixed position where it dozes off, and starts to blur from starring too long. Every time I see those people, a gush of sadness and amazement sprinkle together in me.

They have the strength that mostly everyone can't endure.

I know that I myself can't stand the struggling straps of being lonely. Of all emotions I think it's loneliness that most people fear the most. It's understandable since love was intended to be the foremost common company. 

When you sit down at lunch, at a park, anywhere really. Have you ever took the time to look around you? There's always one person out there who's sitting alone. Their eyes gaze at everyone else from time to time- when they aren't look down. Usually it's a book that keeps them company, or their own shadow. 

Commonly at school, there's always a group of friends who laugh at that person, tease that person, and judge that person. If there's really anything worth saying, it would be nothing. For one reason, can you go alone through a whole week all by yourself? Can you eat lunch at the very edge of the table while everyone else avoids you? Can you look at everyone else without feeling your heart crumble? Can you handle the void that sits by you everyday? 

I don't think their loners, outsides, or outcasts, but very strong people. Because unlike them, I, and mostly everyone in this world, has someone to sit by, who welcomes me. If your one of those people, I highly respect you.

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