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Saturday, November 27, 2010

From me, To you

This will be the last time I get to look at your beautiful face.
The last time my hands sweep against the hairs on your forehead.
The last time I get to listen to the rhythm of your delicate breath.
The last time I get to cuddle you, 
like how I always do.
The last time that I can tell you I love you.

All I'm wishing for,
is for you to never forget the memory of you real family.

This feeling of loss eats me up every Sunday. The tick of each second will never come back. Never again will the same time ever exist again. 10:55PM, Saturday, November 27, 2010, it's just a date now. The moment in time where I was just by your side. 
Every millisecond, my heart beats in trembling fear. I won't see you again...till. What if I never see you again? I tag only in the ride to save myself from the burning pain. I'm selfish, aren't I? 

Maybe you you'd be happier if you knew someone else.
Maybe you'd be happier if you were born into a different life. 
Maybe you'd feel more loved...if you belonged to someone else.

What good is it going to do when I've completely convinced myself that it's my fault. If there's one regret that I ever made...
it would be wishing you were here.

That's the hardest thing that I could ever say. Even if I cry over it, and look up at the sky. It doesn't matter now since I've said it. I'm no better than the man that took you away. Maybe you'll never understand me. Or forgive me. But it's okay, if you blame me. 

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