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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


All my life
Now and forever
Will be you and me
Traveling the world and sea
Till the very end of the galaxy
Through my eyes
You shine so bright
Over powering the energy of a star
With your voice saying lightly
We'll be together
No matter how far
Above the stars
I hope to see you there
With the light glistening
Above your head
We'll walk on forward
With our hearts burning bright red
Putting the past away
To head for a better day
For a closer tomorrow
To be together
I'll spend eternity with you
Through out the endless days
I will stay
When the sun falls
And the moon has ended the day
I'll sing to you and say
All my life
I've been searching for someone
Just like you
To hold my hand
Till the very end
Someone I can give my heart out to
And that's no one
but you

I made a video out of this poem. If you'd like to watch it please go to

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