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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Clear Cut

I'm falling in love with someone I don't know. 
My Inbox is engrossed with your comments.
Just seeing your name makes the apple of my cheeks blossom in delight. 
That cute smirk you have on your face is drawn all over the walls of my mind. 
I could gaze at you through the entire night unaware that the sun has already reached it's way above the trees. 
I don't know what you truly stand for. 
I know your venomous.
Someone who I should never exaggerate.   
No debates on who is who. 
I'm your clone.
An imposter of the one and only.
The one who ends each sentence. 
Maybe that's why I can break your secret stories. 
Maybe that's why I can see pass the veil that blurs your heart. 
You've explored the abysmal sea full of crude torments from love. 
What you want has always been kidnapped by time and distance. 
I'm left reading our conversation. 
Dissecting your words carefully, 
to find what you left in between. 
Your underhandedly too much for me to describe.
Evidently easy to read. 
Too simple to reach.
Immensely too stiff to shake off. 

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  1. Hmm... that is really dangerous and not really a good thing. But this sounds like an interesting experience for you.


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