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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Education - Reader's Responce

Is education a privilege, duty, or right? 
•Choose one, tell me why you it became your choice, and then explain why you didn't choose the other two.

My Response 

Education is something everyone deserves. Sometimes we're forced to be educated on a topic we don't have much interest or desire in. On the other hand, there's those who would want to take advantage of that opportunity when a chance comes to hand.

There are many types of people in the world. However, I personally think there are only two when it comes down to education. The educated, and the uneducated. If all possible, it would be marvelous if there were only one, the educated.
At first I was going to wrangle about how education is a privilege. However, I began to lean upon the right to be educated. I realized that in some countries it's customary to enroll your child to school when they reach that certain age. As for the countries that struggle to support the community, sometimes there might not even be a proper school to enroll your children to. 

Although, if there was, the family may suffer from financial issues. Or simple because the school that was built is over the mountains, across the rivers, and through the wilderness. Having a privilege to have education is like being given an infinite supply of diamonds. 

Aside from that, I feel like it's often taken advantage of. To me, having the privilege of having education is moderately like saying your lucky. It appears to be as if it's only granted to a person with special rights or immunities. 

Education is knowledge. Something that everyone in the whole world should have access to. Though we do have the duty to somewhat educated our selves, since it's an expression that portrays that we love and respect our selves. Education is also a tool that can used for survival.

The duty to educated ourselves is a topic I can brag about. Honestly, the reason that it pushed me away was the thought of being forced and pressured by that duty. I do believe that education is worth more than a dream mansion, but because a man can still live and smile without much knowledge, just made me turn my back towards defending it.

All it boils down to is, I think education is a right. Having a right to be educated gives you the opportunity to have a much bigger world, and because of that right, we are given a choice. A choice where difficult situations doesn't matter, because it will be right in front of you, always ready and waiting to be taken. Having the right to be educated also gives you the freedom of choice, whether to accept it or not. It gives you control of what path you want to take on the long journey that creates our life's diary. 

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