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Monday, August 29, 2011

Enchanters and Sorcerers 

My angelic lover,  
I'll forever be your Enchanter.
Your appealing in everything that's graceful. 
The air becomes alluring with your luscious essence. 
Every heart will always be captivated by your charm.
The elegance you display is seducing.
Your voice is addicting. 
You are my life.

Long way off the horizon,
around the axis,
and far from the twilight, 
no matter where I am hurled to; we will be united. 
Despite this crude world,
with us married, 
nothing can divorce us. 

With your smile, the milky way will utter jealousy. 
The wilted flowers of the land, you revive. 
The old and the weak, you make young and strong.
You have me at your feet. 
With a single touch of your fingers, 
I grow weak. 
Be kind, and gracious. 
For I cannot yield on my own. 
My angelic lover, 
You'll eternally be my Sorcerer.

1 comment:

  1. I find this poem really personal and intimate. It's really romantic and I really enjoyed reading it.


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