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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Am So Sorry

I woke up with karma laid bare at my face. 
You got ahead of me.
Head first, 
carried by a broken heart. 
so sorry. 
I had all the intentions to confess.
Your footsteps reached the tracks before I got the chance to even tie my shoe. 
I could feel my heart shrivel, along with my arid throat. 
Vulnerable and bare. 
I'm a sinner, with a grin up in the sky. 
I'm guilty for playing with a deck of hearts. 
I've lost the absorption in you.
I could die by straying off the sidewalk.
Right foot first, left foot out. 
Shameful and ignorant. 
so sorry. 
You flourish with undeserved kindness. 
Your a burst of everything. 
I loathe your clemency. 
I'm being pelted with contrition. 
so sorry. 

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