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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tuesday Lover

I still hear your adorable voice.
It echoes through the broadest array of stars. 
Your words shimmer and glisten in my heart.
Each one completes me.
Your whispers are seducing. 
The deepness of your voice possesses a hearty,
yet dominant approach. 
The sincereness of your speech instantly captivates the listener's soul.
How much more so can your presence kill me.
Dear Jehovah God, 
Please let it stay this way eternally. 
The sentences you spoke have been playing repetitively in my head.
I imagine your mouth moving as you speak through your still pictures.
I'd give anything to see you smile, 
to see you laugh. 
It makes me jealous that others already have. 
It's those simple things that you do that have such a powerful and memorable effect on me,  
that I so desperately want to see. 
Maybe someday too, 
I'll get to hold your hand.
Someday soon. 
I think I'm selfish for wanting so much from you.
But my God,  you're just so beautiful.  
You've open gates in my heart that I didn't even know of. 
You saw my fantasies, and made them real.
You intruded through my dreams, and escape with a gift from your heart. 
Your unbelievable. 
With a thousand poems,  you'll still forever be indescribable. 
I'll stay with you through the billions sunrises and sundowns ahead. 
I'll shower you with love, and make happiness engulf you. 
What other sentences can I create to accurately tell you?
What other emotions should I feel to show you?
Do you know how much  I love you?  


  1. This is so beautiful and heartfelt Shula. I love it!

  2. This is lovely. this makes me think of a poem by a persian poet names Hafez. He describes God almost as you would a lover. Many might assume that's who he's speaking of. But his love is for God. Anyway i just want to say that what you wrote is touching.


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