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Sunday, October 16, 2011

One Way

The atmosphere ushers a reticent trance.
The gaseous envelope is agonizing.
Suppressed to divulge my weakening heart,
the subtle murmurs burn my flesh more thoroughly.
The sweat that I labored for from the soil has been repeatedly discounted.
Your brassy sentences swim lamely in the air.
I probe the treasure of life in you account
in terms of agreement to accept the apathetic love you present.
I refuse to muster the pain.
Your secluded face is evident in my visual.
I'm tapered by the silence in your part.
A sound of utterance is all I ask for.
The moon blushed in the night,
ruminating about your smile.
the moon has ignited it's latent fury,
pulling gravity away from you.
You were a solid master piece.
you glided pass the glaciers,
beyond the sky line without doubt.
No other mysteries is held out to uncover,
more over,
Each day is meant for a new discovery.
How can I do so when you've concealed yourself into the deep cleft in the earth's surface.

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