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Monday, February 27, 2012

Six Point Two

Why is it like that?
Akala mo, sha na.
Pero, hindi pala.
Akala ko, mahal mo ko.
But, hindi pala.
Hindi ko na akala na, sa lahat nang tao.
Ikow pa.
Bakit ganoon?
Sa lahat nang tao na pweding sabihin yung
manga sinabi mo, ikow pa.
Ang sakit.
Pero, kahit na na oolit, oolit, mo akong sinaktan,
mahal pa rin kita.
Hindi ko ma tatangap kung mabilitahan ko na meron
ka nang ibang mahal.
Sabi mo, parang patay na ko sa iiyo.
Yung teacher ko,
sabi ninya,
"People deal with emotions differently."
Nung na basa ko, na siabi yun,
I never understood why I smiled.
It helped me understand that, in that way, that was my reaction towards fear, pain, and heartache.

Mahal pa rin kita. I don't think na hindi yun mag iiba. Even if I try to kalimotan ka, ikow pa rin. Hindi ko alam kung paano ako mag mabubuhi right now. All I know is yung mana alala natin, nasa puso ko parati.
I'm really sure na sa nayun, you hate me with all your guts.

Hindi ko alam kung bakit kita pa sinusulatan. Alam ko naman na walang qwenta sa yo ito e.
Si gee, goodbye na lang.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Realism Art

I did my best attempting to draw this picture. It is my first time drawing people together. A friend of mine request me to draw a photo of her and her lover. Of course I could not refuse.
Although the values in this drawing is quite uneven, I am still quite proud of how it turned out. It showed me what I am capable of doing. This attempted drawing is only a fraction of what I am able to do. I realize now, there is so much more that I can accomplish. I shouldn't have any doubts in my abilities.

I've always been afraid of making mistakes. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to drawing. Now that I've learned how to judge what makes a well drawn out drawing, I can now easily point out what mistakes I've done.

In someways, it has also helped me evaluate my reactions in certain times. It has taught me how to becoming a better person, and what areas in my life I need to improve.
This drawing, is not merely just a couple. It contains the mistakes, and shades of darkness and lightness in my life. The shaded, and grey tones were the moments from where I felt such confusion, but so much passion. 

The unusual darker tones on the dress and hair was when I was completely out of it and angry. As much as I regret taking it out in the drawing, it has taught me art really does contain a thousand words. I never really understood what people meant when they say the art reflects the artist. Now I do. It's so much more than just the art itself, but the strokes, lines, elusive details, everything about it reflects the artist's emotions, thoughts, feelings, hope, their life.
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