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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Realism Art

I did my best attempting to draw this picture. It is my first time drawing people together. A friend of mine request me to draw a photo of her and her lover. Of course I could not refuse.
Although the values in this drawing is quite uneven, I am still quite proud of how it turned out. It showed me what I am capable of doing. This attempted drawing is only a fraction of what I am able to do. I realize now, there is so much more that I can accomplish. I shouldn't have any doubts in my abilities.

I've always been afraid of making mistakes. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to drawing. Now that I've learned how to judge what makes a well drawn out drawing, I can now easily point out what mistakes I've done.

In someways, it has also helped me evaluate my reactions in certain times. It has taught me how to becoming a better person, and what areas in my life I need to improve.
This drawing, is not merely just a couple. It contains the mistakes, and shades of darkness and lightness in my life. The shaded, and grey tones were the moments from where I felt such confusion, but so much passion. 

The unusual darker tones on the dress and hair was when I was completely out of it and angry. As much as I regret taking it out in the drawing, it has taught me art really does contain a thousand words. I never really understood what people meant when they say the art reflects the artist. Now I do. It's so much more than just the art itself, but the strokes, lines, elusive details, everything about it reflects the artist's emotions, thoughts, feelings, hope, their life.

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